Bio Square – Taking a ‘quantum’ leap for in vitro diagnostics

Bio Square Inc., a Korean startup, has developed a technology for detecting multiple diseases with a single kit at a molecular level. The company has ushered in a new horizon for in vitro diagnostics using Quantum PACKTM technology.

Optimum utilisation of innovative technology

Quantum PACKTM is based on quantum dot material, which was discovered over 30 years ago. But quantum dots were not compatible with biological systems due to their physicochemical properties such as toxicity and solubility. Over a decade of research at the Seoul National University and a team of scientists at Kunkook University compiled manifestations of quantum dots.

Bio Square has successfully licensed this technology from these institutions with full freedom to operate in the biological and healthcare space. The company has applied the technology for in vitro diagnostic assays in need of an improvement in assay stability, sensitivity and multiplexing. Q-PACK technology has a 10-log linear dynamic range, zeta-molar sensitivity and room-temperature stability, making it a revolutionary product in the existing IVD landscape.

Mission to contribute to healthcare globally

Bio Square has two products based on the Quantum PACKTM (Q-PACK) platform – Quantum PACKTM Easy & Pro.   Quantum PACKTM Easy can piggy-back on existing lateral flow immunoassays and simply replace the detection end, but the results are profound. The results are superior compared to conventional detection chemistries including gold colloid or other fluorescent methods. The inherent stability of Q-PACK makes these products ideal for a room-temperature distribution chain.

Quantum PACKTM Pro brings traditional CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay) performance to the next level by extending the signal retention time and drastically improving stability.  

Bio-Square Inc. is based in Sungnam – the rising technology innovation hub of South Korea. In April 2018, the Korea Technology Finance Corporation, a state credit guarantee system for the country’s small and medium enterprises, had announced Bio Square as one of the forthcoming ventures, which will be fostered for over the next five years by the institution.

The company intends to develop the platform technology for applications in life sciences research and various healthcare applications, starting with in vitro diagnostics (IVD) chemistries. The company’s vision is to contribute to the improvement of human health by developing high-quality diagnostic products independently and in cooperation with the world’s leading health care companies.

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