BeeCanvas: Sharing and creating ideas made easier with this virtual whiteboard

BeeCanvas is a virtual whiteboard, which can help express & share ideas with anyone at anytime.

Sharing ideas in the virtual world is becoming a ‘must do’ thing for creative artists and businesses. Osiris Systems, a Korean startup, has developed a fascinating tool that could immensely help creative people across the world – a virtual whiteboard for visual collaboration called BeeCanvas. The whiteboard offers diverse tools to create a sharing space for collaborations and presentations.

Maximise productivity, minimise chaos

BeeCanvas is basically a cloud-based software that offers real-time collaboration opportunities. The user can easily express thoughts, share ideas, and communicate with their team through the virtual canvas. BeeCanvas can upload any type of media device. Whether it is a video, text script, pictures, music pieces or storyboard sketches, the user can easily put it all on the BeeCanvas whiteboard and share it with others. BeeCanvas also includes video conferencing, version control, and canvas encryption. This allows the user to work from any space at any time and express their ideas efficiently.

It is simple to use the whiteboard – just drag and drop content as the user wishes. Also, the data on BeeCanvas is secure as it is hosted on AMAZON EC2, the world’s premier cloud service and protected with 2048-bit RSA encryption. The BeeCanvas is also affordable at $4.99 per month compared to similar visual whiteboard apps.

So, if a fashion designer wants to share his thoughts about his upcoming show with his team members or a rock band wants to put up their music videos, lyrics, and photos of their show, they can use BeeCanvas. “With BeeCanvas, I communicate more effectively. I can exchange music files, images, and memos, all in real time and without extra meetings,” is what CEO of Gudak – the Smart Cam App, Daniel Kang has said about the whiteboard.

Vision to creating value with innovative tools  

Osiris Systems was launched in 2014. In 2015, Osiris Systems had received its initial investment of USD $230K from Hanwha S&C and angel investors. In 2017, Osiris Systems attracted an investment of USD $400k from Kingsley Ventures.

Osiris Systems has participated in an accelerated rating program in Japan. Boot Camp Demo Day has also won awards in Japan. The startup was awarded a three-month accrual rating program in Berlin, Germany as well. It has been supported by the Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA).

The canvas is becoming highly popular with over 50,000 users, including those from the USA, Japan, and South America. According to Raymond Hong, CEO and co-founder of Osiris Systems, “We will establish a continuous relationship with our customers and provide better services. We will start to develop services that will enable us to compete with global software by researching and developing products.” In the future, the startup wants to add e-mail sharing, content recommendation and automatic placement, and custom template functions on BeeCanvas.

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