BBB. Inc: Mobile Healthcare Startup receives major funding boost

BBB Inc.'s products make it easier to conduct a blood test.

A Korean mobile healthcare startup, BBB Inc., recently got its Series B investment worth 16.5 billion won or around $14.6 million from Mirae Asset Capital, Bogwang Venture Investment and other venture capital companies. BBB Inc., which was established in 2014, has developed range of cutting-edge technology products, that can be used by both the healthcare professionals and the patients.

Monitor your own blood markers at home 

BBB Inc.’s products enable patients to regularly test their blood for cancer markers in the comforts of their home and enables the physician to easily monitor health markers remotely. BBB Inc.’s MESIA technology has potential to make an unforeseen range of tests. Whether it is making blood testing easier to conduct, expanding the range of markers testable at the Point of Care or using connectivity to make the most of the health data, BBB Inc. has delivered excellent products.  

The company’s flagship product Elemark is the

world’s first Android-based mobile blood testing device.

Elemark allows patients to conduct blood tests by themselves and have the test results automatically saved in the cloud for tracking their biomarkers. BBB has also developed various other IVD solutions such as a cholesterol testing device and lab-on-a-chip technology for cancer diagnosis and prognosis management. The company commercialised the world’s first power-free plasma isolation technology in 2018.

Cancer Diagnosis from a single drop of blood

BBB Inc. is now focussing on developing a product that will use Artificial Intelligence to gather and analyse blood biomarkers for cancer diagnosis through a single drop of blood. The startup hopes to release the new product in 2019.

BBB Inc. had received its Series A funds of $ 5 million in 2016 from investors consisted of ID Ventures, POSCO Capital, and Mirae Asset Capital. The latest round of funding shall be used to accelerate the mass production and commercialisation of the product Mark B, a platform for cancer, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s testing. BBB Inc. is also aiming to expand business and promote its IPO.

The startup has collaborated with many local and international

healthcare companies to manifest synergies and opportunities.

BBB Inc. has formed substantial partnerships for R&D, production and sales in various markets like the USA, South Africa, China, Malaysia and the U.A.E. In early 2018, the startup acquired the ISO 13485 Certification, a quality management system standard for medical devices, which has opened its opportunities to expand in Europe. The startup’s vision is to help in preventing illness and predicting diseases at earlier stages, so that it reduces the cost burden on the society and also contributes to individual healthcare.

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February 14,2020

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