Bacon Box: Surprise your companion dog with goodies every month

Bacon Box contains premium products for companion dogs.

Subscription-based companies that send you packages of specific goods every month or so are becoming quite popular. A Korean startup Bacon Company has started a unique concept of subscription-based boxes specially designed for your companion pooch. Bacon Company sends in goodies for companion dogs every month as ordered and preferred by the customer.

Subscribe and treat your dog with snacks, toys

The subscription box called ‘Bacon Box’ has six items two designer toys, two premium snacks and two special items each month. The theme of the ‘Bacon Box’ changes every month as new fun elements for the pet are added. Park Sung-min of the Bacon Company said, “We set up a theme based on customer’s opinion every month and design a product accordingly.” The goodies sent in the box also change as per season. So in winter there are special ointments and creams. The boxes are designed as per the information and description of the dog given by the customer.

The box has goodies customised as per dog’s size, weight, breed, age and dietary information. The subscription can be availed starting from 34,900 won or about $30 per month to get premium snacks, designer toys and variety of  accessories worth about 70,000 won or $60. ‘Bacon Box’ subscriptions can be availed from 1 month to 3 months, but more than 70% of customers of the company are choosing the longest 12 months.

The ‘Bacon Box’ grew steeply from early on,

thanks to its colourful and well-organised composition.

 Creating a niche and earning profits

The box with its exclusive products that are not available anywhere else in the world is becoming very popular among Koreans with companion dogs. The startup was founded in October 2016, and exceeded its break-even point in about six months after launch in January 2017. The Bacon Company achieved monthly sales of 150 million won or about $132k as of December 2017.

The startup has been started by IT professionals, who are all dog lovers. Interestingly, they also have three dogs as an important part of their ‘Bacon Lab’ who test all the goodies that are offered to customers.

In May 2018, the startup received a major investment boost of 800 million won or about $707k from Korea Investment Partners and Blue Point Partners. “In the future, we plan to introduce ‘Curation Commerce’, which will select the unique products of Bacon Box and high-end products from abroad, and customise food services considering the different constitution of each breed,” said Park.

The startup has gained lot of fan following among the furry companions and more and more Koreans are ordering for the box-treats for their dogs.

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February 14,2020

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