Art-supporting startup Bitglim signs MoU with KAEPA, an international art & education association in Korea

Korean startup Bitglim supports the artist community and the art world through various offline and online avenues. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Art Education Promotion Association (KAEPA) on December 28, 2018, to work on commercialization and popularization of art.

The two parties will share their wide-ranging global networks and support each other to acquire licenses of artwork from their partners to construct an online application of digital artwork where the Internet of Things, AI, and other digital technologies can be applied. Through this agreement, Bitglim can expect various synergies such as artist licenses, acquisition of art contents, and educational art events.

“This collaboration will provide access to significant art networks, and opens up new opportunities in American art markets,” said Jinhyung Park, CEO, Bitglim.

KAEPA is a leading institution that has hosted various international events and seminars of art and education every year in collaboration with over twenty global universities from the US and New Zealand since 2012. Bitglim is an IT global start-up company that offers online and offline service for matching art and venues in the world based on broad global networks.

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