Archisketch: The world’s simplest interior design tool made by a Korean startup

Archisketch comes with a 3D scanner that can be attached to any smartphone. Pic: Archidraw

Korean startup Archidraw has developed a simplest of devices ‘Archisketch’ that makes interior designing work much easier and efficient. Archisketch measures and generates professional 2D & 3D floor plans of any space within minutes. This can help anyone work on interior designing plans like a Pro.

Measure spaces and create 3D design plans

The 3D visualisation technology of Archisketch makes furnishing, decorating and checking on the designs in 3D & VR is easier than ever. The user can simply use drag & drop to design any space and check it with a real life perspective. Archisketch automates all the laborious works like measuring, modelling to planning.

Archisketch comes with a 3D scanner that can be attached to any smartphone. With the app, the user can then mark the corners of a room and the device calculates the distances between each corner to automatically generate 2D, 3D, and VR model in minutes.

The cloud-based Archisketch web editor can be seamlessly integrated with the mobile app and the user can drag & drop to furnish, decorate the space virtually. If the user wants in depth perspective, then by using a VR Head Mount Device, they can get the real world feel. Archisketch is compatible with the workflows of pre-existing software, so one can can import and export 3D files easily.

Archidraw, the startup that developed the innovative device, has been formed by enterprising architects to resolve the problems involved with traditional methods that involve a tape measure or a laser for measuring spaces or the expensive nature of 3D software to build models. Archisketch combines hardware sensors and computer vision technology software, that gives accurate measurements of lines, areas, and floor-plans of enclosed spaces with high precision.

Redefining Interior designing using advance technology

While ‘Archisketch’ can work as a personal assistant for professionals, it can also be used by amateurs or those interested in designing their own homes. It is very easy to use to measure corners and spaces. The user can use the laser, point it to any object and it will measure the distance between the user and the target object accurately. The device driven by Augmented Reality (AR) can measure distance between any two objects up to 787 inches (20 meters). Archisketch can be used to mark each corner and automatically generate 2D and 3D floor plans of the space.  The price of the Archisketch device ranges from USD 119 to USD 134.

Archidraw is redefining the way spaces are designed with their innovative technology. Archisketch is probably world’s first device that allows ordinary people to become specialists in 3D interior design and home furnishing. This concept definitely attracted investment when the startup put up their design solution campaign on the crowdfunding platform – Kickstarted in 2017. The startup had reached its full funding goal of US$ 30,000 for Archisketch within three hours of its launch. The company’s ultimate mission is to help make designing spaces easier and less expensive using advanced technology.  


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February 14,2020

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