AniBlock: Colourful Block Puzzle can be a cute Christmas Present for your toddler

AniBlock is a fun and learning game for toddlers & pre-school kids.

It is Christmas time and what better gift to give your toddler than a box full of colourful, smart, fun blocks that create beautiful designs and also stimulate their growing brains?  Korean startup Pacoware Co., Ltd. has developed a block puzzle called AniBlock for toddlers and pre-school kids with Augmented Reality play guide and alliances.

Creative Puzzle with Augmented Reality guide

The creative block puzzle game provides 11  kinds of Polyomino blocks and exclusive play boards to make shapes according to given drawings. AniBlock provides intuitive guiding patterns that help the infant complete the puzzle without help from a parent. This gives the child an immense self-confidence boost and sense of achievement.

AniBlock provides AR guides and AR alliances in addition to applications. The play guide for the block puzzle based on AR technology comes at the eye-level that matches that of an infant, giving a more realistic play experience. On completion of the puzzle, the 3D content that appears gives an enhancing experience for the child and the parent as well. The blocks can also be used to teach language, numbers, colours, etc.

Fun and Learning together

AniBlock comes in two types, one for toddlers, with four types of colour blocks and a play board. A toddler over 18 months can make pictorial figures and patterns at various levels. AniBlock for pre-school kids over 36 months has 6 types of colour blocks and two pay boards with higher levels of patterns. The pre-school kids can play the puzzle with their friends as well. The pre-school AniBlock comes with image guides. The block puzzle is priced at about $44.25 and is available for online orders.

Pacoware Co., Ltd claims the puzzles will enhance a child’s creativity, teach logical thinking and problem-solving skills, improve hand-eye coordination and help in overall cognitive skills development. PacoWare Co., Ltd. recently participated in ‘The 42nd Seoul International Education for Early Childhood Education & Kids Fair’ where they presented AniBlock. The company’s representative said, “We will develop products that satisfy both fun and educational value through continuous development of content.”

So if you haven’t yet got a Christmas present for your little one, you can think about AniBlock. While your toddler will be engaged happily in the game, you can have a relaxed holiday season, watching a happy child.

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