Angel Robotics: The ‘Angel Suits’ for those who can’t walk  

A girl suffering from lower limb dysfunction walks with the wearable robot.

Robotics has made giant leaps in creating comforts for human beings and tech-companies have utilised this technology to develop amazing products that can serve humanity. Angel Robotics, a start-up from South Korea, has made its mission to make those who can’t walk, self-sufficient and independent. The startup that was set up in February 2017 has developed wearable robots to help people with disabilities, the paraplegics and the elderly, get up, walk & live a normal life.

No more wheelchairs, wear and walk with the robot

Angel Robotics has developed two core products till date. One is the ‘Walk on Suit’, which is a wearable robot for a person who is completely paralyzed. This robot has represented Korea at the International Cyborg Olympic (Cyblathon) ranking 3rd in the world in the field of wearable robot. The robot’s hybrid drive system achieves maximum driving force enabling the user to not only walk on flats, but also across stairs, ramps and stepping stones. The robot has been designed with safety features for user’s benefits and has a battery capacity of 5 hours.

The company’s second product ‘Angel Rex’ is more appropriate for the elderly and those paralysed from lower limb. This lightweight robot is based on non-resistance driving technology. It provides precise assistance to change the algorithm to provide a variety of experiences. It is being developed for individual users and assistive rehabilitation.

Angel Robotics has been working to help children with disabilities and have been doing robot clinical trial with with Shinchon Severance Rehabilitation Hospital in Seoul.  The development of paediatric robot can help millions of children looking for assistive walking or rehabilitative treatment. Angel Robotics plans to improve the algorithm based on accumulated gait data in the clinical trial and improvise on factors like weight reduction.

In addition, the startup is developing robots that can protect people in work environments where injuries are likely to occur, and can help systemic health care in daily life.

“Now, robots are not just a mysterious future technology,

but a necessary necessity for life,

I want to contribute to make everyone happy world.”

CEO, Angel Robotics


Top technology for Korea’s global growth

There are many similar robotic products developed in the global market space to aid the disabled, but Angel Robotics’ creations are from a different perspective. The startup believes that making robots from the user’s point of view is important as the product is more of an essential part for living than merely a future technology.

Angel Robotics, which is Spin-off at Sogang Univ. Robot System Control Laboratory has signed a technical cooperation MOU with LG Electronics and has attracted attention in the world market based on their unique technologies and talents.

The Korea Engineering Academy has selected Angel Robotics ’wearable system design and control technology’ and CEO Koo Kyung –Cheol as the top 100 technology to be Korea’s growth engines in 2025. The product is regarded as a key figure to lead in the domestic and overseas market.

Angel Robotics’ aim is to use robotics to study techniques to enhance human physical abilities. The company wants to create and share social values ​​with robots, making a contribution to make a happy world for everyone.

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