Albam: Korean startup’s unique & efficient solution for Human Resource Management

Albam App offers excellent solution for Human Resource Management for businesses.

Korean startup Blue Night Corporation has introduced a revolutionizing Time Attendance/ Shift/ Payroll Software Albam that helps seamlessly automate and simplify Human Resource Management.

Albam’s technology covers important aspects of HR management through its mobile platform with “Albam Timesheet” and “Albam Payroll Automator” service. The service works especially for retail and manufacturing operation owners by providing ease in employee’s shifts scheduling, payroll automation, and location-based attendance check-in and check-out with detailed logs and reports stored on the cloud.

Time-efficient, Cost Effective solution for HR & employees

Albam was launched in 2015 and within 4 years has become the number one HR SaaS provider. The company offers a full package HR solution, from time attendance to automatic payroll solutions. Globally, the service has over 70,000 corporate users in over 20 countries and offers their service in 7 languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese. The solution also provides free lifetime service for its popular Time and Attendance version for its app.

 The HR Management startup offers a solution to the issues experienced by most business managers and owners, from checking daily attendance that can take as long as 45 minutes a day to bookkeeping and payroll accounting that can take another 12 hours monthly. It is helpful for small businesses where there is no dedicated manager for Human Resources and Operations, and more than one outlet to manage. Albam proves useful as an effective time-efficient solution that can enable entrepreneurs to put more time in maximizing their sales and better strategies for the growth of the company. 

Albam is also cost-effective compared to other HR Time & Attendance solutions which require costly hardware purchases of Attendance machines & training of IT personnel that may cost companies thousands of dollars yearly. The service provides affordable accessibility for SMBs & enterprises through a secured cloud-based solution by turning everyday mobile devices into a clock in/out the device, therefore, replacing more traditional forms of attendance solutions like physical cards, fingerprints and paper-based attendance methods. The solution even comes in with an optional Albam device provided for free* (shipping costs included) for Albam’s users. 

Albam’s offering came in two versions of apps that are available both for IOS & Android, one for HR Managers and the other one for Staffs. With the manager app, business owners & HR personnel can assign employees’ working hours, set schedules, view overall employees’ working statistics for lateness, number of check-in times and overtime information. Albam also facilitates the creation of multiple stores for corporations with many branches, each controlled by administrators that hold different levels of authority as per assigned by the owner/HR manager of the company. In the other version, the Staff App allows employees to clock in and clock out directly from their cell phone, see their work info, records and even request to amend them with permission from their manager. 

Global expansion on the horizon         

Besides small businesses, Albam has quite a number of big clients like Daniel Wellington and Stylenanda. Its US-patented service gives a unique proposition in the market that differentiates it from other HR SaaS providers in the market that use GPS-based location for attendance solutions prone to location manipulation & buddy punching. Its unique system prohibits users from checking in & out of their working place from outside the workplace proximity helped by the complementary Albam device. 

The startup received its Series A of Investment of around $ 2.5 million in June 2018. The company has laid out big plans to further enhance its presence in the Global market. In September 2018, the company established its first foreign branch under the name of Blue Night Co. Ltd. in Singapore. With its first International branch, the company hopes to replicate its success in other countries by offering the same quality of service and localization it is offering in South Korea. “Through Albam’s international expansion, we hope to empower both SMBs and Enterprises in reducing their operating costs and time, which will effectively translate into higher yields in both productivity and efficiency,” said Jinyong Kim CEO of Blue Night Corp. 


Blue Night Corp. team will be presenting their product at the RISE Conference to be held from July 8 to 11 in Hong Kong. The Summit is supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The RISE Summit attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets, and influential investors.

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