4thevision – Live a second life with Virtual Reality

4thevision wants to create amazing experiences through VR platforms.

The market for Virtual Reality content is growing at a skyrocket speed. There are numerous VR games and videos, which are available for consumers, but there is need for VR experiences. Korean company 4thevision has developed Virtual Reality platform solutions and designs that create interactions in the virtual space in variety of areas such as education, shopping and entertainment.

Technology to create virtual life experiences

4thevision is a startup, which continuously leads the immersive Virtual Reality industry. The company has developed the technology and know-how to respond to various needs of each industry promptly and have developed the elemental technology for building the Virtual Second Life in VR. The current market is full of content which is relatively of simple design and of shorter production times, such as roller coasters. The low-quality content creates a difficult situation as it doesn’t meet users desire to truly immerse in the experience.

The models that 4thevision has developed create amusement VR place for users to stay and enjoy the world of VR experience. “We had thought about the platform in 2011, but that time there were not enough equipment supplier in Korea. But eventually the full range of suppliers, display equipment, 5G network infrastructure, HMD, etc were made available in VR. Hence, we went ahead with the technology applying full-fledged VR business,” said the company’s head. The company wants to create a standardisation of the industry through VR or immersive new media technology.

4thevision wants to bring in innovative strategies to the market

for the integration and standardisation.

4thevision’s premier product is a Virtual Reality Karaoke ‘W.A.V’, which is a new stand alone platform, where user can sing the song, at the place as they want, and sing with the singer of the song without accompaniment devices.
 The company wants to supply “W.A.V” to the market to the requirements of both the online and offline industry.

4thevision  provides high-quality virtual reality technology, that has been developed with a new system KTV in combined mode with WAV app (VR KTV platform). By WAV app the user does not need any accompaniment machine or equipment. The service is provided  directly through the network. At present, the company supplies it in China and the Asian market.

The company wants to introduce Alice Store, which is an e-commerce shopping platform to enjoy shopping in virtual space and receive goods in real life. There is a second life platform that enables space communication through motion recognition and communication between various virtual characters. With its ‘Beat the beats’ platform the company wants to introduce Korean Traditional Culture with VR interactive technology. It is about cultural content where traditional instruments are directly played in virtual space.

The company is ready to distribute the contents on rental basis or as a management platform. The company’s plans are to continue to grow by introducing Virtual Reality service platforms in the global market in the short term, which can provide individual services to secure profit and integrate all the elemental technologies in the long term. The company wants to provide its users the virtual world as a second life where it can be the place easy to enjoy and share a beautiful world.

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February 14,2020

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