12 startups selected for final round of K-CONTENT STARTUP SHOWCASE 2018 Event in Los Angeles

Startups that attended 2017 KOCCA event at Los Angeles, USA.

The final list of startups chosen for KOCCA’s offline K-CONTENT STARTUP SHOWCASE 2018 Event to be held in Los Angeles, USA has been prepared. KOCCA (Korean Government Agency – Korea Creative Content Agency) had held an online live streaming event on October 22nd, 2018, for promising Korean startups to pitch to Investors based in the USA. The event allowed startups to showcase their products and services to investors.

Now, the final offline event is to be held in Los Angeles on November 27th and November 28th, 2018. There are 12 companies, which have been selected to participate in these offline events, where venture capitalists, angel investors and potential partners are invited to be present.

On November 27th the event will be held at 11:30 am (PST) at the Korea Creative Content Agency USA Office at 5509 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles ( https://goo.gl/maps/dtqhPju9kzC2 ). The event is co-hosted with the Korea Creative Content Agency USA and BAM Ventures with detailed following agenda.

  • 11:00~11:30 – Registration
  • 11:30~12:30 – Presentation Session #1 (6 startups)
  • 12:30~13:00 – Lunch & Networking (*Lunch will be provided)
  • 13:00~13:30 – Founder Story * Brian Lee (Co-founder of The Honest Company, Legalzoom, ShoeDazzle, Art of Sport, Churchhome and Bam Ventures)
  • 13:30~14:30 – Presentation Session #2 (6 startups)
  • 14:30~ – Networking

On November 28th the second event will also be held at 2 pm (PST) at ExpertDOJO at 395 Santa Monica Place, Unit 308 Santa Monica ( https://goo.gl/maps/FbnVoawY7KL2 ). The event is supported by ExpertDOJO.

  • 2:30~3:00 – Registration
  • 3:00~5:00 – Presentation Session  (12 startups), 5 minutes per pitch + 3 min Q&A.
  • 5:00~6:00 – Networking with attendees / 1min intro with all startups from Korea and ExpertDojo portfolio startups along with Networking with snacks and beers with all attendees

The startups which have been selected to participate and give their official pitch at the event are:

  • Threeo1 – This startup has an e-commerce baking site – Pinafore which offers DIY baking kits to its patrons, so that they do not have to worry about measurements and recipes. With Pinafore baking kit, essential tools for baking and pre-measured ingredients are included with step by step recipe cards and video guides, which eases the home-baker’s work significantly. The Baking Kits are prepared by professional chefs.
  • Gwabba Ltd The company combines the popularity of the E-sports and the profitability of the fantasy sports market through their platform Master.GG. The platform is primarily a service based on the League of Legend Champions Korea. It allows users to become owner and organise the actual Lol-Champs players with annual salaries. After the end of the game, the players’ statistics are scored and a winner is awarded, based on the scores.
  • TwoEyesTech – This start-up has come up with what is one of the world’s most compact 360-degree Virtual Reality Camera, which truly mirrors the human eyesight. The small size camera has a 4k resolution and has two pairs of 180° lenses that are placed at 65mm distance, which is the same average distance as between human eyes. This type of design has been developed so that user can capture 360-degree view exactly same as the natural eye sight. The company’s vision is to sell their products in various markets – China, Japan, Europe and the USA.
  • MARVRUS – Marvus has developed a VR tool which helps students learn English. The students can wear the VR headsets attached with smartphones and get transformed to different parts of the world. They can interact with native English speakers through the VR tool. Learning English through virtual reality has given many local students a unique experience.
  • Xrisp Co. Ltd – This Startup, which was started in 2012, has made great progress in the field of animation content through its fantastic properties like the famous animation ‘RollerCoaster Boy NORI’, ‘Bookworm GoGo’, and ‘Panda Wang’. The company is also involved in multiple-areas besides animation content production like the worldwide distribution, character licensing business and production of smart toys. The company is now developing theme park and kids’ café business based on their IP for families to enjoy.
  • Bitglim Co. Ltd. –   The start-up works to promote artwork and creates on-demand O2O exhibition platform that matches venue and the artist. It has created an amazing platform to support the modern-day global art world and the artist community through online and offline avenues. The company has been launched with a vision to offer service to the artist community, which has been facing various issues like a dip in overall artist earnings, increase in the income gap between famous and unknown artists and overall loss of diversity in art.
  • Rhoonart – It is a music platform that is creating connections between clients and songwriters, composers for benefit of commercial music with no commission. The music platform has a database of hundreds of songwriters, composers and lyricists.  It has a very simple process of transaction between client and artists. The platform offers variety of services like music composition, song writing, sound effect, music notes, MR (music removed) and mastering.
  • N.thing – This Agri-Tech company is working towards encouraging everyone to adopt farming by developing unique smart plant products. N.thing gives people a convenient technology to take care of their houseplants. They have developed Planty, a Wi-Fi connected plant pot, that connects with its caretaker via a smartphone, Planty Cube – a vertical container smart farm, and Platy Square.
  • Vrunch –  The company works to provide effective management and distribution solution of  VR content for VR Theme park and VR Cinema.  Vrunch works on the business model of monthly subscription fee and membership for VR Theme Park management solution. The start-up will also deliver VR contents, that includes the shooting, editing and VFX CG work.
  • STAYGE Labs – It has launched a vertical blockchain platform designed specially based on the entertainment industry. It works as a fan community platform awarding fans as they support their beloved artists. STAYGE gives tokens to fans based on their contribution to purchase artists’ albums, event tickets, mobile games, various content and much more. The artist and service provider companies can utilize the fans’ contributions to develop their business further.
  • TENMINUTETALK – Ten Minute Talk provides foreign language learning platform service using direct conversation with native speakers through a smartphone application. Ten Minute Talk is an app that provides a mobile platform for working professionals to connect with native speakers to learn conversational language skills. Utilizing your smartphone, it is possible to speak anytime, anywhere, without restriction and at low cost while improving practical language skills.
  • PPANAM – Global K-culture Media & Commerce Platform, Delivering the variety of Korea through Voice of France.

Registration and Timing for the Live-Streaming Event 

Each company will get 5-minute time to pitch in for their funding or other needs. There are no fees to participate in the event. The registration for the event can be done through the link for the 27th event and 28th event.

Investors looking to invest or partner with some very interesting and promising Korean start-ups should definitely attend the event. Please join top VCs, founders and tech executives and other VIPs to welcome Korea’s top digital content startups.  To thank the attendees at the event, KOCCA, the organizer, will be giving traditional Korean umbrellas as a token of respect.

About KOCCA: The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) is South Korea’s leading government agency overseeing the advancement of Korean creative content, both domestically and internationally. KOCCA covers a wide range of Korea’s creative industries, including gaming, animation, character licensing, music, fashion, and broadcasting. KOCCA actively advances these industries via production support, marketing and promotion, global expansion abroad, human capital development, and cultural technology implementation.

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